Sunbanks Resort 2001 Blues Odyssey

We opened at noon for the Bloody Mary set. The production crew did a great job and made us sound as good as we can. It was an honor to share the same bill with these great bands.

Check out this view! Shade trees, lotsa grass and enough sunshine to roast your head like a Hungry-man pot pie.

These peopled danced from Friday to Sunday evening without stopping.

The Commander in Chief at Sunbanks, Billy Stoops, gives us guys the once over about drinkin' too much on stage and smellin' too much like suntan lotion.

What would make someone climb out of a sleeping bag at noon, in the middle of an oasis, and get up and dance? They must love the Blues!

Ziegs is personally responsible for keeping me at the Blues Festival until Monday morning. What a blast!

Brooksy is in top form as the desert sun shines rays of joy over his ever-generous being.

Smokin' Joe honkin' up a mighty fine breakfast treat for the fine folks.

Malcolm gazing off into the distant valleys, in search of water. "It's amazing just how hot steel strings can get when subjected to the desert sun!"

I didn't realize that a drummer could be up by noon, but Bill King was laying down the groove like a big ole stack of my mamma's buttermilk pancakes.

Russ was doin that pied piper thing that gets all the people out of their sleeping bags.
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Photo credit to J. Ziegler