2005 Live in Las Vegas - Malcolm Clark (solo) Short tracks and limited release. This three-song, short release was recorded live at The Heights in Las Vegas. Recording Engineer: J.Quiggly

30 second sound bytes...

Born On The Bayou
Hangman's Noose(M.Clark)
Sweet Marie (M.Clark)

2005 Live At Evergreen State College - The Malcolm Clark Band With the support of KAOS Radio and the Evergreen State College 'Super Saturday', This live recording captures the presence of this Blues trio.
Drums: Mark Bertoglio, Bass: Mike Coucoules, Guitar/Vocals: Malcolm Clark

30 second sound bytes...
I Love You Deeper (M.Clark)
Acoustic Cafe(M.Clark)
Baby Likes To Rock (M.Clark)
Thrill Is Gone
Gunslinger Jim (M.Clark)
Hangman's Noose (M.Clark)
Born On The Bayou
Stormy Monday
Papa Was A Rollin' Stone

Stories For The Blue (2000)
Drums: Mike Ernesti, Bass: Tom Brooks, Flute/Sax: Ernie Perea, Harmonica: Smokin' Joe Straight, Guitar/Vocals: Malcolm Clark

Lucille (M.Clark)
Baby Walks With Me (M.Clark)
Pretty Young Thing (M.Clark)
Nevy's Song (M.Clark)
Something In The Sky (M.Clark)
Gunslinger Jim (M.Clark)
Waitress (M.Clark)
I'm All Alone (M.Clark)
Girl (M.Clark)
Zydaco Joe (M.Clark)
Red Shiny Hair (M.Clark)
Fill Up On Love (M.Clark)
Dance (M.Clark)
Acoustic Cafe (M.Clark)
CD Review

2021 Studio Time - A lot of these were from the way-back machine and some are new since all the hating started. Some of these may seem like mushy, love-sick syrupy songs and I can't help that, get over it.

All That She Needs (M. Clark 1999)
Wagon Wheel (Dylan)
Breaks My Heart (M. Clark 2015)
Dust My Broom
Fly Away (M. Clark 2002)
If It Hadn't Been For Love(Chris Stapleton)
I Want You (M. Clark 2021)
Listen (Live Loop) (M. Clark 2016)
Red House (Dylan)
Not Your Fool (M. Clark 2000)
Rock My World (M. Clark 2000)
Save Your Soul (M. Clark 2021)
Say What You Mean (M. Clark 2021)
Selfish Heart (M. Clark 2002)
Somebody Cares (M. Clark 2003)
Sue's Song (M. Clark 2021)
Take Me Back (M. Clark 2015)
Time Keeps Slippin Away (M. Clark 2000)
Tobacco Benton (M. Clark 2021)
Waitress (M. Clark 1999)
Who I am (M. Clark 2001)
Love Again (M. Clark 2000)

2021 Instrumental Studio Stuff

I spent a lot of time in the studio this year to test out new hardware as well as some new ideas and techniques. These recordings are done using looper technologies and digital audio workstation software. The fruits of my labor are listed below and I hope you enjoy them.

CMinor (M. Clark 2021)
FireflyPercGtr_LoopPlus (M. Clark 2021)
FireflyPercOrgLoop (M. Clark 2021)
Funky May (M. Clark 2021)
Funky2 EP (M. Clark 2021)
Funky Keys (M. Clark 2021)
Geetar_Loop5_Am (M. Clark 2021)
Jazz Funk2 (M. Clark 2021)
KB Of Sorts (M. Clark 2021)
Loop2 Am (M. Clark 2021)
Loop3 Bossa (M. Clark 2021)
Metronome (M. Clark 2021)
MIDI Keys 4 Me (M. Clark 2021)
Morningtime 1 (M. Clark 2021)
newLoopViolin (M. Clark 2021)
New Synth Am Loop (M. Clark 2021)
Nylon Slippers (M. Clark 2021)
Pop Groove (M. Clark 2021)
Simple Beat 4 (M. Clark 2021)
Some Kinda Ways (M. Clark 2021)
A Boogie (Looper)(M. Clark 2021)