The Mike Coucoules Benefit 2006
The Seafarers Sports Bar

The Seafarers was generous enough to let us in to do our thing. Thanks to Tony Jones.

3878 So. Center St. Tacoma, WA

Carole Kapeliela and Mike Coucoules brave the heavy traffic to get to the Seafarers.

Carole Kapeliela and Carol Strachan - These two lovely ladies were a big help in getting all the auction items together and getting the signatures on all the stuff that needed to be signed.

Johhny Burgess (the Mayor of Ruston and keyboard player for Loose Gravel and the Quarry) and Kris Knowlton. Kris was monumental in getting the word out to other musicians. Without him, there would be no jam.

Ernie Perea, sax player extraordinaire. He was the flute and sax player on the Malcolm Clark Band album "Stories For The Blue"

Mike Nelson, Jazz and Blues guitarist did it just right, like usual.

Butch Harrison, great trumpet player, but wait, he signed up as a keyboard player.

Ebony and Mike Coucoules. This girl can sing.

Jesse Rivera did a killer job on bass, I was impressed.

Jim Marshall did a great job on keyboard.

Loose Gravel came in a did the last song of the evening, putting the icing on the cake.

Lem DuRant, our percussion specialist and long time friend.

Guest of honor, Mike Coucoules.

Tom Fitzpatrick just gets better and better. From the James Howlitt Band.

Al Earick from Road Dawg kicked the whole thing up a notch.

Smokin' Joe Straight from The Malcolm Clark Band lays it down like no other I know.

The one and only Jho Blenis from Bump Kitchen

Mike Coucoules, Gary Orr, Jho Blenis, David Shriver.

Dean Tsapralis does one fromthe heart for Mike.

Sonny Schaef and Manuel Diaz

Dave Shriver and Julian Henslee

Ike Sutton does his thing on the red hot chilli peppers

Gant Eichrodt, one hell of a harp and 12-string blues player

Malcolm and Kris Knowlton - my main man for this event.

Tom Brooks (Brooksy), Smokin' Joe Straight, Mike Coucoules and our booking agent Susan Moorehead of Blues Companion.

The Official Signup List

Jonathan Cunningham, Ernie Perea, Al Earick and Don Benson.